Bob Gebhardt 

With a bachelor’s degree from Princeton and MBA from Harvard, Bob Gebhardt has over 30 years of experience in international trade and strategic planning. His early career as a commodity trader included membership in the Chicago Board of Trade, Caribbean Regional Manager, and Argentina Country Manager for a Swiss-based multinational. In addition to commodity trading, Bob has extensive sector expertise in shipping and transport.   He established Selva Consulting in 1988, in Lugano, Switzerland, specializing in the development and implementation of international growth strategies for mid-size corporations. His mandates have at times included entering into the management team of the client company, including acting as CFO for a European metals trading/manufacturing group for over 10 years. He has extensive experience in managing corporate legal matters, included arbitration and litigation, contract drafting and negotiation, and regulatory compliance. 
​ Bob Gebhardt is, or has been a member of the Board of Directors of European, North and South American corporations. He is Vice-Chairman of the Ticino Chapter of the Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce. A native of the United States, he also has EU citizenship, and speaks English, French, Spanish and Italian.

​ Robert Gebhardt

Robert Gebhardt was born in New York and raised in the US, Argentina and Switzerland. He has worked for the Commodity Trade Finance department of UBS in Switzerland, as a Market Researcher for Synovate in South Korea and, in 2006, he received his Master's in Public Administration from Cornell University with a concentration in Finance and Fiscal Policy.  Robert has established businesses in the United States, Europe and Asia. He now spends his time between Lugano, Taipei and Charlotte, where he also runs Lugano translations, a translation services provider. Robert speaks English, Italian, Spanish, French, and a smattering of Mandarin Chinese.

Yimin Lin

Yimin Lin was born in Taiwan and raised in Taiwan, Switzerland and the United States. She is a financial analyst with extensive auditing experience in the United States, Taiwan and China, and has worked for two of the big four (Deloitte and PWC), as well as a Chinese conglomerate, before joining Selva. 

Yimin brings practical knowledge of the manufacturing, real estate, retail and technology industries, as well as fluency in Chinese and English.


About Us


Selva Consulting serves as advisor to senior management for designing and implementing effective diversification strategies. Selva has developed a global network of correspondents and supporting companies to provide a full range of financial, legal, and representative services. We provide our clients with optimal communications and access to financial resources, while assuring total discretion and reliability.


Selva Consulting's market research and intelligence services combine secondary and primary research methodologies to provide clients with a comprehensive understanding of markets and qualitative insights as well as quantitative metrics. Wether merely exploratory or in depth, Selva Consulting can help you understand your target market.


Selva Consulting genuinely understands the need to adapt proposed strategy solutions to the specific context of each geographical and cultural niche. Rather than impose standard solutions, our team members tailor their skills and experience to each project, based on your specific needs and on the international context.


The Small World package 1 offers:

  • 1. Translation/Localization of your website 
  • 2. Translation/Localization of your marketing materials (pamphlets, brochures, etc.) 
  • 3. Conversion of your prices into currencies of target countries* 
  • 4. Additional shipping and import/export information for people ordering from abroad (including regulatory issues, if needed)

* with the understanding that exchange rates fluctuate

Small World Package 2, on the other hand offers Everything from the Small World package 1, plus one year's consulting. This consulting includes: 

  • 5. Market Research into the Target market and relative SWOT Analysis 
  • 6. Information about any legal/cultural issues that may arise, depending on your product/service and the target country(ies) 
  • 7. Information about upcoming trade shows and/or conferences in the target country that might be of interest

The Travel Package offers:

  • 1. We will find you a Trade show/exhibition/fair abroad (your choice of continent, as available) where you can set up a display booth 
  • 2. Translation/Localization of your marketing materials (pamphlets, brochures, etc.) 
  • 3. We will find financing for this (including, but not necessarily limited to: Travel expenses, conference registration fee, accommodation)**
  • 4. You just need to show up.

**based upon availability